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Ai-Lien Sperry, DMD

About Your Dentist


  • Attended Tufts University School of Dental Medicine on scholarship


  • National Health Service Corps


  • Began practicing private dentistry and conducting dentist consultations

Missionary Trips

  • Amanecer, Bolivia, Cochabamba; Mission of Mercy, Appalachians, Virginia

    "We're passionate about the experience we provide in our practice.

    Simplicity in balancing health & harmony drive all of our dental decisions at Sperry Dentistry."


    Dr. Ai-Lien Sperry

    • Experienced Dentist
    • Relaxing Space
    • AGD Accredited
    • Family Friendly
    • Convenient Location
    • Minimal Wait
    • Free Consultation
    • Satisfaction Guarantee
    • Accessibility
    • Modern Technology
    • Highest Quality Supplies
    • Digital Intraoral Photos

    Supporting Operation Smiles

    Sperry Dentistry is a trusted single-operator dentistry practicing for 10+ years on a conservative philosophy. We specialize in preventing dental pain and conservative ways to fixing existing damage. Not only do we recommend the approach that preserves maximum original teeth structure, we believe our dental expertise and cutting edge technology should be accessible to all countries regardless of socioeconomic standing.

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